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Illegal Smart Bro Restrictions on bandwidth illegal FCC Rules?

Net neutrality wins: FCC passes tough new ‘open internet’ rules that ban ISPs from throttling your download speed

But doesent see it that way? The FCC doesn’t apply here in we are stuck with a company that breaks international law.. !!!

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Duterte Has A Message To Globe, Smart and PLDT Internet Providers. Look What He Said!

Duterte told to reporters on Saturday, “For the communications guys, iyung internet connectivity, you improve the service or I will open the Philippines to competition. Pasok lahat. Then it will bring down [the price] and increase efficiency.”

PLDT is the largest telecommunication company in the Philippines. They also owned the Smart Communications, Talk N Text, and SUN Cellular. While Globe telecom is next company to them which also owned the TM Mobile.

As reported to ABS-CBN News, The 2015 Ookla Speedtest said that consumer download speeds in the Philippines ranked 176th out of 202 countries. The cost per megabit per second in the Philippines is also one of the most expensive with an average value of $18.18, versus the global average of $5.21.

Besides from TELCOS, President Duterte also warned the energy sector from running its operations like a cartel.

He stated, “Don’t control the energy industry. If there is a cartel or somebody na magko-compete kayo at a price higher than usual, I will open the Philippines too, pasok lahat.”

In the meantime, Duterte also mentioned the Solar power. He said, “Solar is becoming cheap now, it used to be very expensive, now the price is diving sa Europe.”


Net neutrality is the principle that internet providers should give consumers access to all content and applications on an equal basis
FCC has approved Chairman Tom Wheeler’s ‘net neutrality’ rules
Internet providers will be banned from blocking or slowing any traffic
Will not be able to strike deals with content companies for fast speeds
It means Netflix, for instance, can’t be slowed by your internet provider
Some say that by doing this the government will drive up internet bills
3-2 vote will trigger industry lawsuits that could take years to resolve
US regulators have approved a historic ‘net neutrality’ plan which will impose the toughest rules yet on internet service providers.
The plan was approved by a party-line vote of 3-2, meaning the Democrats move ahead with the controversial proposal.
Under the new rules, the government can regulate broadband providers more heavily than in the past and restrict their power to control download speeds on the web.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler (centre) greets commissioners Mignon Clyburn (left) and Jessica Rosenworcel at the FCC Net Neutrality hearing in Washington last month. The FCC has now posted its nearly 400-page order on its site , revealing the full implications of its decision.

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FCC passes net neutrality rules that ban ISPs from throttling downloads
Feb 26, 2015 – Under the new rules, the government can now regulate broadband providers more heavily than in the past and restrict their power to control bandwidth throttling …

However, in 2008, Comcast (usa) amended their Acceptable Usage Policy and placed a specific 250 GB monthly cap.
all better off this way
Wow this was almost 8 years ago right? yet smart and globe give us 600mb?

250 GB? what about the Philippines?

250 GIG PER MONTH we could live with right in the Philippines?

Workarounds for bandwidth throttling in the Philippines!
Although ISPs may actively throttle bandwidth, there are several known methods to bypass the throttling of a user’s bandwidth, if the throttling is focused on a particular protocol. These methods include HACKS!

Virtual private network (VPN) – Generally cost a monthly fee to rent, but offers users a secure connection where data cannot be intercepted.
Force Encryption[30] – Free method that works for some users.
Seedbox – A dedicated private server, usually hosted offshore, that offers high speed upstream and downstream rates and often storage for a relatively high monthly cost.
SSH Tunneling – Tunneling protocol
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